Why should you always buy solid wood shelves?

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

When choosing the best material for shelves, you will come across many different varieties in them. Materials that you’ve never heard of before. This is where a lot of people make mistakes in selecting and eventually end up choosing cheap and weak chipboard material.

Buy once and buy well.

As a renowned carpenter in the UK, we recommend solid wood shelves to our customers. For the fact that they have good leverage over the rest of other chipboard materials. In order to give you better insights, let’s dig into details so that you can actually realize the upper hand that solid wood can provide.

Solid wood Shelves

Choosing solid wood material for your shelves don’t just add a stunning look into your place, but also they are relatively long-lasting. Further, you are allowed to put things on it, as they support maximum weight, nor are they easily breakable, and act better in resistance to the moisture, which means you don’t need to care for them even in the most humid environment.

If you look for drawbacks in solid wood shelves, there is actually only one, which is their price tag. Overall, the price tag is not basically high, but when patting side-by-side with the chipboard’s price tag, you will see a clear difference there.

Chipboards shelves

That’s the reason chipboard shelves might attract you as they are less expensive than solid wood. But the fact is still up there, they are not as long-lasting as solid wood, neither can you expect beautiful designs in them as they are not for such purpose. Along with this, they soak up water whether from the environment or if you mistakenly drop water on them. Soon, you will see some curves on their upper side that will totally ruin them down.

Some further downside of chipboard shelves is, you will be very limited when putting things on them. These shelves cannot hold up that much weight as solid wood shelves can. The truth is they are basically made of some wood layers, so all the strength depends on them. So as long as you just put some basic materials on them, it should not be an issue.

Therefore we always serve and advise that is more favorable, and on the remarks, we will not recommend saving you some bucks today for a higher loss tomorrow. And, it is very straight you may not want to purchase such chipboard shelves that don’t offer durability, rather reduce the beauty of a place, like seriously you would not be satisfied with the looks they lay down.

Our Oak Solid wood shelves

Solid wood is the name of a group of wood materials, not all of them are good in the furniture industry.

However, we recommend the top one, which is OAK. It offers durability, gives a rustic look to shelves, and does not take many water side effects. So, without a single shadow of a doubt, It is one of the most used woods in the furniture industry–exclusively in demand for modern furniture designing, interior or exterior both, plus it is also among the few most resistant to moisture, which makes it a better choice for shelves.

Our Rustic shelves

These shelves are best for people to give a decent natural look, wherever you place them, they are super cool and are easy to modify according to your area. Such as you can give them the support of brackets, ropes, or if you want some modernist flavor, there are many designs you can get apt.

Scaffold Board (softwood) shelves

We also offer softwood shelves, great for placing books and general artificial things that you buy to add extra taste to a specific area. As they soak a paint color effectively and give a shiny plus buttery-smooth finish, meanwhile they turn a dull place into something fascinating. Needless to say here but, they are actually strong enough to handle a large weight; it should not bother you.